‘Many Shades of Purple’ – An FM22 Introduction

Hello there ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first post of ‘Many Shades of Purple’, my main Football Manager save for this year’s edition. Another year has come around and we all find ourselves choked up with excitement for what should prove to be an excellent experience. I guess I should begin this post with a reflection on the past year, before moving forward with the outline for this save.

FM21 was an interesting experience for me; whilst being a great entry into the ever-growing catalogue of SI Games I did find it very hard to commit myself to a save idea or any one club. It should be noted that the game was released during the midst of the fallout of a certain global pandemic and, at the time, my work-life dominated my social life – in that I had no social life.

Burnout and fatigue from all of this led to a decline in my mental health and it just came to a point where the focus of my time needed to be spent on recovering, rather than guiding my beloved Werder Bremen to Bundesliga glory.

I can, however, happily say that I’m in a much better position; both mentally and physically. The work-life balance is at a level which is much more manageable and, now, all I want to do I get down to enjoying my time with FM22!

The Purpose of This Save

A new FM game always brings about a fresh perspective for all players – and plenty of headaches too I guess. ‘Who will I manage?’ ‘What do I want to achieve?’ ‘Will I get that golden generation youth intake?’ Locking down that one save idea – the story that will to keep any plater hooked for the year ahead – is always the first, and arguably, most difficult step.

So, prior to installing FM22, I got down to work with drawing up ideas that would keep me interested and, more importantly, invested in a save. It’s fair to say that my finalised save has taken a fair degree of inspiration from other FM Bloggers and content creators, but also has an added unique touch that makes it a little bit more personal for me.

‘Many Shades of Purple’. Now, no doubt some of you have guessed by the title that my save will focus on a club that primarily utilises the colour purple in their kits. And you’d be right. Many of you may have also noticed that the main image on this post also has the crest of FK Austria Wien and, therefore, may be under the impression that this once-great Austrian powerhouse will be the focus of my save. Well, you’d be sort-of half right.

You see, this save is a journeyman save – with a few twists here and there. Allow me to elaborate.

  • I can only manage clubs that use purple home kits or have the colour purple as their primary club colours
  • I must load all databases with clubs that have the colour purple as their primary colours into my save
  • To consider my time successful at each club, I must win at least one league title and one cup honour
  • I can only apply for other ‘purple’ clubs once I have met the requirements mentioned in step three

Ideally, this save will take me from Austria and Australia to the nations of Slovenia and Uruguay – nations that I have never started an FM save in. It’s designed to challenge me but to also broaden my knowledge on the wider footballing world.

Of course, it would be much of a challenge if I didn’t add a few extra rules:

  • I must utilise my youth academy and feature at least three players in each matchday squad
  • I must ensure that each club’s financial status is left in a better position than when I arrived

And that’s my new save in a nutshell! As it progresses I will no doubt publish blog entries outlining the core reasons as to how and why I developed this save. But for now, I will leave it here.

In my next post, I will outline my plans with FK Austria Wien and discuss how our first season went in the Austrian Bundesliga!

Until then, thank you for reading and stay safe!

-FM Viola-

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