By now you’ve stumbled across this website and asked yourself ‘what an earth can I expect to find on here?’ To answer that question, I need to dig further into the story behind FM Forest.

The website was founded on the back of taking a four-month long furlough from work, as the world was plunged into the worst pandemic in our life time. As everything about our lives change I had rediscovered my love for all things Football Manager (FM) with the free time made avaliable.

By discovering plenty of fantastic FM blogs I decided to set my own up and document my own journeys: the highs, the lows and the completely outragous moments.

I wanted to add my own twist and identity to this site. So, as a result, you will find content on FM Forest that will mainly center of stories from older FM titles. I’m a nostalgia guy, and I just want to show some love.

Outside of Football Manager I’m a long-suffering fan of Nottingham Forest. I’m also a keen collector of football kits & have an ever expanding collection to show for it. Away from football, I’m an avid reader of geopolitics & economics and can often be found browsing for vinyl records when time permits.

I do hope you enjoy reading through the content on this site.

FM Forest.

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